The new generation
of natural fertilisers

Econat® natural fertilisers are the latest addition to the Caviro Group's circular economy. In compliance with high quality requirements, they are made from the spontaneous bio-oxidation of ligno-cellulosic raw materials, agri-food and vegetable scraps.

biodegradable materials

Composting is a natural process that results from the spontaneous decomposition of organic matter. First, the compost matrices are mixed, placed in trays, and turned periodically. Turning initiates aerobic fermentation, allowing the development of humic and fulvic acids. During this process, temperatures are maintained above 55 °C for several days, ensuring that the product is sanitised.

Once the thermophilic phase is over, the curing phase begins, during which the product is left to mature, allowing it to stabilise and humidify completely. The resulting products are sifted and, at the end of the process, an organically stable, pathogen-free fertiliser is obtained.

Organic nature

Enomondo’s natural soil improvers are ideal for improving the structure of soils: they add organic matter, reducing the use of chemical fertilisers, have hygroscopic properties, fix CO2 in the soil, and return nutrients to plants.

By supplying organic matter and nutrients – such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium – Econat® soil improvers stimulate the growth of beneficial microflora. This makes the soil more resistant to drought and desertification and promotes the development of plant root systems.

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Enomondo’s composting facilities transform cuttings and prunings (i.e. the ligno-cellulosic fraction resulting from the maintenance of public and private green areas), vegetable and agri-food scraps, agro-industrial sludge and digestates into natural soil improvers that add new organic matter to the soil from which everything comes.

We prepare the land for future generations by striving for excellence today.

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