Green composted
soil improver

Econat® green composted soil improver is a proven, high quality compost that is allowed in organic agriculture. It is made from ligno-cellulosic raw materials, such as residues from the maintenance of ornamental greenery. This fertiliser is produced by the natural decomposition of organic matter, which is transformed through a process of bio-oxidation.

Analytical characteristics

The analysis results of the CIC – Consorzio Italiano Compostatori (Italian Composting and Biogas Association) are clear and demonstrate the quality of our soil improver.

Parameter Average value
Moisture (%) 22 ÷ 32
pH 6,5 ÷ 7,5
Organic carbon (% dry matter) 22 ÷ 26
Humic and fulvic carbon (% dry matter) 6 ÷ 8
Total nitrogen (% N dry matter) 1,2 ÷ 1,8
Organic nitrogen (% N dry matter) 1,2 ÷ 1,8
Organic nitrogen (% dry matter N out of total N) 100
C/N ratio 15 ÷ 19
Salinity (meq/100g dry matter) 19 ÷ 52
Phosphorus (% dry matter P2O5) 0,4 ÷ 0,6
Potassium (% dry matter K2O) 1 ÷ 1,2

Production Process

The incoming cuttings and prunings are shredded and sifted to produce a fine fraction for further processing. The composting process takes place in heaps in a sealed area, where they are periodically turned with a mechanical shovel to promote oxidation and spontaneous fermentation. After a period of approximately 120 days, the product is transferred to a covered area where it is cured before being refined by sieving. The resulting compost has the consistency of topsoil, a dark brown colour, and the typical forest floor smell of composted products.

Econat® green composted soil improver makes it possible to valorise incoming ligno-cellulosic scraps by transforming them into an environmentally sustainable product suitable for both conventional and organic agriculture. It improves the soil by adding high quality humified organic matter, enhances the development of micro-organisms, and adapts to all types of crops, also aiding their root development.

Indications for use

The main use of ACV is in the preparation of growing media for potted or greenhouse plants.
In the open field, it can be used to cultivate vegetable gardens, aromatic and medicinal plants, and to fertilise tree crops, such as grapevines, that follow organic agriculture practices.
Econat® green composted soil improver is sold in bulk or in big bags.

ACV indicazioni di utilizzo
Parameter Doses Unit
Vineyard 3 - 6 t/ha
Orchard 6 - 8 t/ha
Actinidia 12 - 15 t/ha
Extensive 30* t/ha

The above doses apply to soils poor in organic matter.
*Check doses in vulnerable areas.

Recommended doses

Each soil has its own history. There are no fixed doses to follow when applying fertiliser: every soil and plant has its own characteristics. The use of soil improvers must therefore be carefully evaluated, taking into account the organic matter content and degree of mineralisation of the soil, in order to provide the soil and plants with adequate nutrients.

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