A second life for carbon dioxide

The CO2 capture plant adds another element to the Caviro Group's circular economy process. This time it is the carbon dioxide – concentrated during the biomethane production process through the purification of the biogas produced in the Faenza plant's anaerobic digesters – that is recovered and reused. This is a decisive step in the ecological transition.

CO2 capture plant information

Parameter Value
Input treatment capacity 1.000 kg/h CO2
Liquefied production capacity 850 kg/h CO2
Annual capacity 7.000 tonnes liquefied CO2
Liquefied CO2 temperature -30°C
CO2 Certified food and beverage quality

CO2 captur
recovery process

At Caviro Extra’s two plants for the production of methane from agri-food biogas, an upgrading process combined with a purification treatment makes it possible to separate the methane fraction from the other components.

This is where the CO₂ capture plant is involved. It allows waste carbon dioxide to be recovered, purified to the highest standards for use in food, cooled to -30°C, compressed to a liquid state, and stored.

The second life
of CO2

Instead of being released into the atmosphere, the CO2 from the agri-food industry is captured, stored, and placed on the market as a high value-added product. Thanks to the collaboration with SICO S.p.A., the liquefied CO2 is mainly supplied to the carbonated beverage sector.

The innovative carbon dioxide recovery plant in Faenza is designed to capture 7.000 tonnes of CO2 per year, a virtuous cycle that contributes to climate change mitigation goals.

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