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Enomondo is the company in charge of managing the innovative facility of combustion and biomass and compost production in the industrial district of Faenza.

A project which is the result of the partnership between two important companies from Emilia-Romagna - Caviro and Hera- both with an important know-how in energy production.

Thanks to Caviro’s availability of waste and by-products of wine production (grape skins), and to Hera’s availability of significant quantities of material for compost production (grass clippings and pruning from the territory), the facility is able to produce Thermal and Electrical energy, in a virtuous circle between industrial production and energy from renewable sources.

Caviro and Herambiente

Caviro is an agricultural cooperative with the mission of enhancing the grapes of its wine growers who are encouraged to produce the varieties of interest to the different markets with attention to the quality and a reduced environmental impact.

2° alcohol producer in Italy in terms of value and volume.
2° worldwide producer of natural Tartaric Acid.
1° in Italy to recover wastewater from food companies.

Herambiente is a subsidiary of Gruppo Hera, set up in 2009 to offer eco-friendly made-to- measure services for companies. It is leader in Italy in the sector of designing and managing treatment facilities, material and energy recovery, waste disposal.

Hera has always promoted development initiatives and initiatives to harness energy from the territory, with consolidated experience in managing the material cycle in the Bologna-Romagna basin.


The Enomondo facilities handle more than 210,000 tons /year of waste originating from farms and food companies and urban waste guaranteeing its almost total recovery, partly as green composted fertiliser (used in organic farming) and mixed composted fertiliser.
The power station primarily uses solid biomasses as fuel: grape skins and wood chips as well as CDR (waste-derived fuels) and inorganic waste. Caviro Distillerie also supplies biogas from its anaerobic digestion facility of waste conferred by food industries of the area. The use of renewable fuels allows an annual saving of 57,000 tons of CO2. The ashes are destined to reinforced concrete and New Jersey. A residual percentage, approx. 0.67, is sent to be disposed of. The thermal electrical energy produced by Enomondo powers the Caviro Distillerie facilities, the excess (quantity equal to the average annual consumption of approximately 52,000 people) is fed into the network for sale on the market.


The green composted fertiliser which can be used in organic farming (ACV bio) and the mixed composted fertiliser (ACM) of Econat, are both quality composts certified by the Quality Brand of the Italian Composting and Biogas Association; the organic ACV is obtained from raw materials of wood-cellulose origin or residues of the maintenance of public and private ornamental greenery; ACM is produced from grass clippings and pruning, vegetable waste and agro-industrial processing waste.
Composting is a natural process which originates from the spontaneous decomposition of the organic substance. It occurs through bio-oxidation in slabs that are daily mixed and turned, which guarantee the development of aerobic conditions. During fermentation the temperatures are maintained above 55° for several days - thermophilic phase - guaranteeing sanitization of the matrixes. The compost is left to mature in heaps so that it stabilises completely (“curing” phase). The product achieved in this way is screened and at the end of the process an organically stable soil is produced without pathogenic agents.
The Econat fertilisers are used and tested at the Technical Farming and Chemical Institute Scarabelli Ghini of Imola and the Professional Farming Institute Persolino Strocchi of Faenza.

Available also packaged in 20 L sacks, or in big bags from 1m3


Average annual analysis Consorzio Italiano Compostatori

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Analisi Compost Misto Marzo 2018
Moisture (%m/m) 24
pH (unit) 8,40
Organic Carbon (% S.S.) 28
Humic and fulvic carbon (% S.S.) 9,40
Total nitrogen (%N S.S.) 2,30
Organic nitrogen (% N S.S.) 2,1
Organic nitrogen (% N on N tot) 91
C/N Ratio 12,00
Salinity – extraction report 1:5 (dS/cm) 33,00
Phosphorous (% S.S. P2O5) 0,72
Potassium (% S.S. K) 0,44
Analisi Compost Verde Marzo 2018
Moisture (%m/m) 24
pH (unit) 7,50
Organic carbon TOC (% S.S.) 28
Humic and fulvic carbon (% S.S.) 9,50
Total nitrogen (%N S.S.) 2,2
Organic nitrogen (% N S.S.) 2,1
Organic nitrogen (% N on N tot) 91
C/N Ratio 13,00
Salinity – extraction report 1:5 (dS/cm) 21
Phosphorous (% S.S. P2O5) 0,27
Potassium (% S.S. K) 0,47


Enomondo manages its facilities under the Integrated Environmental Authorisation issued by the Provincial Administration of Ravenna pursuant to Legislative Decree 152/06 as amended.
Enomondo believes that it is of fundamental importance to manage its activities respecting the environment, safety and health of workers and has implemented and adopted an integrated management system for safety and the environment certified according to UNI EN ISO 14001 and to the standard OHSAS 18001.


The environmental policy requires individual commitment to the recovery of waste and biomasses, to transform them into energy and fertilisers reducing the need to dispose of them.

CIC “Comuni Ricicloni 2018” Award

The Italian Composting and Biogas Association has awarded Enomondo the Special Award CIC “Comuni Ricicloni 2018”, particularly for its strong commitment to enhancing Quality Compost.

Enomondo was one of the first companies in Italy to join the voluntary programme CIC Quality Compost, of which it has been a member since 2004. In the territory of Romagna with a strong agricultural vocation, it has always promoted the enhanced use of composted fertiliser as a precious and renewable resource to return organic substance to the soil. The latest and significant experiments in the agricultural sector certify the efficacy of the compost to increase soil fertility and to guarantee quality agricultural products.


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